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Top 10 Markets to Visit in Sydney, Australia

Besides famous landmarks and touristy areas, Sydney has some of the best markets around. There is always something exciting to be found and always something special to be discovered. No matter whatever you’re interested in and whatever your budget, markets in Sydney offer an extensive range of produce, new and

Top 10 Places to go in Sydney, Australia

Photo:Official Australia tourism   1. Sydney Opera House Photo: Trip Advisor Sydney Opera House is the world-famous landmark of Australia. Listed as a World Heritage, this majestic building is a hub for art, culture and history. Watch a show, take pictures, and enjoy the sunset over this stunning structure while having a glass of wine beside

Sydney Travel Guide – Australia’s Largest City

Located on Australia’s east coast, Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales and is the country’s largest city. Sydney has a lot to offer with so much to see and experience. It has a stunning harbour, world heritage sites, iconic beaches, fantastic dining experience, awesome shopping, colourful festival, a