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Big Tree Head 大樹頭 Mamak at Kepong

The Big Tree Head Mamak Stall (大樹頭 Mamak) was voted by many Malaysian food bloggers to have one of the best crispy fried chicken and nasi lemak in Kuala Lumpur. This mamak stall is well-known to all Kepong residents and being Kepong people ourselves, we have frequented this place many times,

Ulu Yam Mee House at Kepong

If you are looking for the best loh mee in Kepong, look no further because the best is in Kepong Baru. Ulu Yam Mee House (吁噜音面家饭店) offers not your typical loh mee, but like in its name, it offers Ulu Yam loh mee (or simply Ulu Yam mee for some).

Naughty Nuri’s at Desa Sri Hartamas

Anyone who has been to Bali will be no stranger to Naughty Nuri’s succulent pork ribs. Famous for their “wicked ribs” and “brutal martinis”, Naughty Nuri’s signature pork ribs is indeed one of the best I’ve eaten. The ribs are specially marinated with Balinese spice and char grilled to perfection with

Sae Ma Eul BBQ at Kepong

The famous Korean BBQ, Sae Ma Eul in Solaris Hartamas opened a branch in Medan Putra Business Centre, Kepong. Similar to its parent, this branch is always packed with customer till late night. I find the prices in Sae Ma Eul are always more competitive compared to other Korean BBQ

Streat Thai at The School, Jaya One

Whenever you miss Thai food, you don't have to travel far to Thailand for one. Streat Thai in Jaya One, Petaling Jaya can offer you an authentic Thai food experience that you crave for. Streat Thai was the idea of two brothers with a passion for Thai street food. Because of

Two Sons Bistro, Publika

One of our favourite restaurants in Publika is Two Sons Bistro. We first stumbled upon it because our intended restaurant for lunch was packed. From then on, we kept coming back for more because it was that good! The must-eats on their menu are the clams and the mussels. You will