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The Hilltop at Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand

So, we just got back from Krabi, Thailand and there is this restaurant that I need to introduce to you! The fabulous place is called The Hilltop because it is situated on the highest hill on Ao Nang area, overlooking the beach town, sea and horizon. We found out about the place from Trip Advisors and tourists who have been there and was told it is a lovely place to dine.

The Hilltop is definitely the most stylish restaurant in Krabi. The restaurant offers the most stunning view, especially at sunset, which is also the restaurant’s busiest time. The tables filled up quickly an hour before sunset. Be sure to book your reservation and state the name of your hotel. The Hilltop provides free shuttle tuk tuk to and fro from your hotel if it is located in the Ao Nang area.


The restaurant has a big garden next to it with some decoratives for photo-addicts and/or –enthusiasts to pose with them and a small merry-go-round at the corner for kids to play.


The view from the top: In the horizon, you can see the sea and islets. Every patron is waiting to admire the beautiful sunset while they dine at The Hilltop.


As for food-wise, The Hilltop has a wide selection of Thai food with more than 8 pages on the menu, not inclusive of beverages. Given its upmarket status, the dishes are pricier than the average stalls and restaurants in Krabi but we reckon the costs were still within reasonable range.

We ordered the 5 dishes: Papaya Salad with Condiments, Deep-Fried Pork Belly with Salt & Pepper, Thai Traditional Red Curry with Beef, Stir-Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts and Chicken Soup with Coconut Milk. To my surprise, none of the dishes we ordered were a disappointment. In fact, 2 of them were better than my expectation. The food quality was excellent and definitely no skimping on the dish size.


The first to be served was our entrée – Papaya Salad with Condiments (180 bht). This spicy Thai staple entrée is made from fresh young papaya with fish sauce, lime juice and dried shrimps. This slight tangy meal is a lovely opening dish before the rest of the main course. I would prefer it spicier if not for Kit who couldn’t tolerate very spicy food.


Glorious pork! Deep-Fried Pork Belly with Salt & Pepper (220 bht) is so wonderful. Even after being deep-fried, the skin still has a crispy crackling texture. Don’t judge the layer of fats on the pork; they actually melted in our mouth with each bite.


Our favourite dish for the evening was the Thai Traditional Red Curry with Beef (240 bht). The beef was so soft and tender. The curry has just the nice heat and very well-spiced, it tasted so heavenly that my tongue tingled wanting more. I can proclaim that this was the best dish I had for the entire Krabi trip. The beef and curry combination is just oh-so-good. I just wished that it came with more curry gravy so I can drench my rice with it, and not fight with Kit over the limited sauce.


This is not exactly a Thai dish but it didn’t stop us from ordering the Stir-Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts (220 bht). Tender chunks of chicken are combined with crispy roasted cashews nuts and vegetables. It was tasty but nothing spectacular about it. Maybe it’s because it tasted healthy with all those vegetable. LOL


Aromatic and sweet, the Chicken Soup with Coconut Milk (220 bht) comes with a generous amount of chicken chunks. This chicken soup is definitely no western-style with thick and creamy texture. In fact, it is very delicious, soupy and just the nice thickness with no overwhelming coconut taste and smell. This is another favourite of ours for the evening. So addictive that we slurped every single drop.


The Hilltop sets up a mock table and chairs at the far end of the garden for patrons to pose with the beautiful backdrop.


Once the sun sets, the restaurant lits up in lanterns and dim lights for a romantic setting. If dinner is not what you are keen on, go for the cocktails and live music. We were entertained by a lovely jazz singer during our dinner.


Verdict: Our total costs for the meal was 1,573 bht (inclusive of 10% service charge) for the five dishes mentioned above, 2 plain rice and 2 smoothies. Definitely pricier than restaurants on the beachfronts but the selling points are the fine-dining ambience and the hill-top sunset view. Nevertheless, if you could afford a little more for this Krabi trip, I would say The Hilltop is not to be missed. We really enjoy the meal and the stunning view. Very worth it.


The Hilltop, Ao Nang

Address: 91 Moo 3 The Hilltop

Aonang, Muang Krabi 81000


Tel No.: 075-637195

More info:


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