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Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ Taishu Yakiniki 大众烧肉 at Taman Desa

Situated in the walkway and between the rows of shop lots, the famous BBQ of Taman Desa is definitely noticeable and not hidden from sight. You can’t miss the crowd in the alley because it is full house almost every night for Japanese BBQ Taishu Yakiniki (大众烧肉). We heard of this place years ago and finally got the chance to check out what the buzzes were all about. Definitely NOT a disappointment!

Upon being seated, we were presented with a basic 2-page menu with a list of simple items such as meat for BBQ from different cuts of pork, beef and lamb, foil yaki, vegetable, teppanyaki, ramen, side dishes and drinks.


Clockwise from top left: Pork shoulder loin (RM10), Lamb shoulder (RM15), Beef ribeye (RM10) and Pork belly (RM10). Jap BBQ is generous with their portion. For comparison sake, you’ll definitely get a smaller portion of the same cut in any other BBQ (ahem Korean) restaurant at a way higher price.


Here comes the best part: the grilling. The BBQ stove is set in a simple way – a square metal grill over burning charcoal in a small barrel. You can do your own cooking or you could request for a helping hand with it.

From our meat selection, we preferred the pork and lamb to the beef. The beef was sliced a little too thick and tougher to chew on.


Besides the grilled goodies, Jap BBQ here also serves ramen in 3 available flavours: pork, chicken and cold. We ordered the pork ramen. While it may not wow you much but it was a good bargain at RM10. Just look at the huge thick slice of char siew (roast pork).


Verdict: An enjoyable outdoor place to have BBQ and beer with friends at an affordable cost. Portions are generous and definitely worth it. On a side note, please dress down, as this is in an open-air space with no air-conditioner and fan. It can be a little warm and sweaty.


Japanese BBQ Taishu Yakiniki

Address: Seputeh Center Court, Plaza Faber, Jalan Desa Jaya, 58100 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours: Daily 6pm – 12am

Phone: +6019-912 2246


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