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Ulu Yam Mee House at Kepong


If you are looking for the best loh mee in Kepong, look no further because the best is in Kepong Baru. Ulu Yam Mee House (吁噜音面家饭店) offers not your typical loh mee, but like in its name, it offers Ulu Yam loh mee (or simply Ulu Yam mee for some). What’s the different you may ask? Well, Ulu Yam version has a darker gravy with an appetising tinge of sourness from the addition of black vinegar.

This is our usual go-to place when we needed a loh mee-fix. Last weekend, we went early at 6pm, and the place was already filled with patrons. Lucky for us, we got a table as soon as we arrived. Soon enough, the place was packed with a queue forming outside the restaurant. The usual waiting time after ordering is about 30 minutes because there are only 2 cooks catering to the whole restaurants.



Every bowl of loh mee is made to order with generous portions of pork slices, noodle and gravy. The noodles are handmade wheat noodles, which makes it delicious and different because there isn’t any flour-ish smell and taste to it, unlike thick yellow noodles that are produced in factories. The smooth and slightly chewy noodles complement the dark, vinegary gravy so well that you won’t want to stop eating.



Another popular dish is the kau-yuk meehoon (stir-fried vermicelli/meehoon with braised pork belly). This dish is worth mentioning because the noodle texture is springy and pork flavour in the meehoon is oh-so-good.



The Hokkien mee is, unfortunately, lacking in taste. It is made from the same noodle as the loh mee. Due to the lack of wok hei (literally breath of the wok or intensity of fire from the wok) to the taste, the noodles seem to be braised rather than stir-fried. We were a little disappointed with this dish.




Try their chuin kuen (deep fried meat and vegetable spring rolls). The marinated minced meat and greens are tightly-rolled, fried and cut into thick slices. Each bite is flavourful, crispy yet bouncy even without dipping into their homemade chili sauce.





The menu with pictures are pasted on the wall for your ease of reference.


Verdict: Without a doubt, the Ulu Yam loh mee is a must-have, with a side of chuin kuen (deep fried meat and vegetable spring rolls) is a complete hearty meal. The kau-yuk meehoon (stir-fried vermicelli/meehoon with braised pork belly) is another good dish if you still have space in your stomach. While the waiting time for the food could be a little long but good things (in this case, it’s the loh mee) come to those who wait! Cost-wise, it is pretty reasonable at approximately RM40 (cash only) for two people.


Ulu Yam Mee House

37 Jalan Ambong 3, Kepong Baru, 52100 Kuala Lumpur


Business Hours: 11am – 9pm. Closed on Thursday


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