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Taipei Zoo in Taiwan

Giraffe – Did you know that giraffes would caress one another with their necks, or do wrestling matches (“necking”) which sometimes involves using their knobs (those little horns)? However, very rarely is serious damage done. That said, giraffes would only demonstrate the strength of its neck in particular situations. Once a giraffe sent an eland antelope flying by a blow!



Great Hornbill


Bengal Tiger


They have vending machines for a wide range of drinks and snacks. There is also a vending machine for foldable umbrellas.


Sexy asses. Can you guess what animals are these?


African Wild Ass – donkey with eyeliner and sexy stripes on their legs. Fancy.


This last picture depicts what the zoo smells like. Poop. No, it is not that the zoo is full of them. The zoo is clean but I’m guessing these are the natural smells of animals since they don’t shower.

If anyone were to ask us, do we enjoy our trip to the zoo? Honestly, we think Taipei Zoo is worth a visit. Although we didn’t cover the whole zoo because it was so big and our feet were tired from days of exploring Taipei, we managed to at least walk half of it. It was a joy to see the animals in the zoo are well-fed; none of the animals look unkempt or underfed. Each animal habitat/enclosure was of decent size, enough for the animals to roam instead of caged-up tightly. The highlight of the visit –definitely the pandas.


How to get to Taipei Zoo:

By MRT: Take the Brown (Wenhu) Line to Taipei Zoo (動物園站) Station

By Bus: Check out the Bus no. 236, 237, 282, 294, 295, 611, 676, 679, 793,  小12, G1, Br3, Br6, Br11, Br15, Br18, Br21, 1501, 1503, 1558



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