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Taipei Zoo in Taiwan

Giant Panda House, home to Tuan Tuan (團團) and Yuan Yuan (圓圓) and their female baby Yuan Zai (圓仔). Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan are two giant pandas that were sent by mainland China to Taiwan in 2008 as part of an exchange program. Their name, Tuan Yuan (團圓) means “reunion” in Chinese.

Born on 6 July 2013, Yuan Zai is the first panda cub born in Taiwan to parents Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan via artificial insemination.

Kindly note that the Giant Panda House is closed on the first Monday of every month.


Formosan Rock Macaques are the only native primates living in Taiwan, besides humans of course. Apparently, this macaques are hunted for their meat. Seriously, who eats monkeys??


Siamang – noisy creatures that love singing. Initially we thought the hyenas were laughing really loudly. Then, we saw this diva singing.


Met our local Malaysian buddy in the zoo – Malayan Tapir. One lonely fellow in a large enclosure.


Chillaxing Leopard


Sun Bear, also known as Malayan honey bear, can be found in the tropical forest habitats of Southeast Asia. There has been a significant decrease in population due to deforestation and commercial poaching. This sun bears are targeted for their bear bile trade in Southeast Asia for traditional Chinese medicine.





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