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Taipei Zoo in Taiwan

Taipei Zoo (台北市立動物園) is the largest zoo in Asia and is one of the top 10 city zoos in the world. The zoo has over 400 species of animals and houses more than 2,500 individual animals and 12,000 birds. Most visitors, including us, are here to visit the zoo resident celebrities – a pair of giant pandas and their young cub.

We visited the zoo in November which was supposed to be autumn season. Blimey, it was the warmest autumn one can imagine! You may want to buy a lovely summer hat and a portable fan from a kind lady outside the zoo to prevent getting heat stroke.

Best investment of the day! Prevents one from melting under the punishing blazing sun of Taipei.


Ticket counter. If you have Easy Card (悠遊卡), you don’t have to queue for the entrance ticket. Instead, walk up to the gates and tap your Easy Card for straight deduction of the ticket price.


Ticket Fares:

Adults NTD60

Concession* NTD30 [*Childen aged 6-12 and Students (junior high school or higher) only upon showing ID]



Opening hours: Daily* 9am – 5pm (but gate closes at 4pm)

*except for Chinese New Year’s Eve

Animal exhibit: 9am – 4:30pm (including indoor and outdoor exhibits)


Rest Days – Never visit on Mondays. Never. We missed the Penguin House. Boo hoo.

Education Center, Library, Animal Art Workshop, and “cool” Eco House: all closed on Monday

Giant Panda House: closed on the first Monday of every month

Penguin House: closed on the second Monday of every month

Amphibian and Reptile House: closed on the third Monday of every month

Insectarium: closed on the fourth Monday of every month


Download the map here.


The Taipei Zoo emphasizes on educating visitors. You get to learn via seeing, touching and smelling on top of the information provided.

Yes, we sniffed on the dried feces of Formosan Sika Deer. And no, there wasn’t any smell to it. (Thank God). We couldn’t spot any deer in the enclosure when we visited; hence, no picture of the animal. Apparently, Formosan Sika Deer is only found in Taiwan.



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