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Swiss Sheep Farm in Hua Hin, Thailand

Located opposite Santorini Park, Swiss Sheep Farm is another stop that is recommended to every visitor in Hua Hin.

Set in a European style, the Farm lets you interact with tamed and adorable animals such as horses, sheep, alpacas, cows and swans. Get a bundle of straws to feed the sheep and have close encounter with them.

The Farm is definitely a great spot take photographs with the cute country-styled cabin that looks like a manor out of a fairy tale in the background.

Since the farm is an outdoor attraction with not many covers around to shade from the scorching tropical sun, please remember to slap on sunscreen on your face and body. Equipped yourself with sunglasses, cap, hat and/or even umbrella to be safe.


Eat up horsey!


Buy some grass at the nearby counter and feed those hungry (and greedy) sheep.


Sister petting a runaway lamb. Not sure how this little one escaped from the fenced compound.


Swiss Sheep Farm has many spots for beautiful photography, like this charming garden of love.


This setting looks like a European farm with carts, windmill in the distance and a mountain in the backdrop.


The bright sunny day makes every picture looks great. In reality, the sun was really blazing and unforgiving, and I was really sweaty and sticky. What’s worse, I skipped sunscreen that morning and suffered mild sunburns on my arms the next day. Oh the price to pay for good pictures.


Mock cemetery for farm animals


Towards the far corner of the farm is a 3D Art Museum that will ignite your imagination to pose with the drawings/arts.


If you have never been to a farm or a petting zoo, this is a place to make new farm animal friends in a relaxing environment. It is also a great place for families with small kids to get to know and experience interacting with friendly creatures.

I received some negative feedbacks from friends who have been there, stating their dissatisfaction with the ticket price and the limited number of animals on the farm. Yes I agree that it will look more welcoming if there are more animals especially the horses, llamas and rabbits. However, I reckon the entrance ticket price is reasonable for the experience with the animals and the many beautiful pictures that could be taken there. Really, there is no harm for a one-time visit. To be honest, I truly enjoyed my visit to the Swiss Sheep Farm.


Admission fee: Adult 120 baht, Child 80 baht


Address: Phetkasem road (highway #4) at kilometer 201, Cha-am 76120, Thailand

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 10am – 7pm; Saturday to Sunday 9am – 7pm

More info: Swiss Sheep Farm


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