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Big Tree Head 大樹頭 Mamak at Kepong

The Big Tree Head Mamak Stall (大樹頭 Mamak) was voted by many Malaysian food bloggers to have one of the best crispy fried chicken and nasi lemak in Kuala Lumpur. This mamak stall is well-known to all Kepong residents and being Kepong people ourselves, we have frequented this place many times, especially when you are craving for a sinful but worth-it supper.

Only a few metres away from the famous Sunday Kepong pasar malam (night market), you will find this outdoor/roadside mamak stall with red tables and chairs occupying a large area on the pavement. This mamak started out as a stall without a signboard and the only way to refer to it was its location of being under a big tree. Hence, the name “Big Tree Head” mamak was stuck, albeit still without a signboard, and became a household name in Kepong.

Like any other mamak stalls, it sells all kinds of roti canai, fried noodles, Indian curry rice and rojak. The only things that set this mamak aside from the rest are its nasi lemak and crispy fried giant chicken thigh.


Hot plate of Malaysian favourite – Nasi Lemak (RM2.50). I love how fragrant the rice is. The rice is nicely cooked in coconut milk. Each plate’s rice is grainy and not sticky, unlike some places where they serve wet and clumpy coconut rice. Meanwhile, the sambal is not too spicy. In fact I find it rather sweet, probably to cater to the mass of Chinese patrons.


The highlight of Big Tree Head Mamak – the famous crispy fried chicken. Look around and you will see that almost every table ordered this hot delish chicken. A piece of giant chicken thigh costs RM6.00 while other parts cost RM3.50 each. Their chicken is fried to perfection with enough crisp on the skin while keeping the meat juicy and succulent. You can taste the spices from the marination bursting in your mouth with every bite. Mmm-hmmmm!


The perfect combination for a meal.


This mamak is always packed from 8pm onwards, with majority of its patrons being Chinese. We came for dinner instead of our usual supper. Otherwise, it will be hard to take pictures of the place, with the sea of patrons and staffs running about taking and serving orders.


There will be a staff stationed here to continuously churn out plates and plates of nasi lemak.


The popularity of the crispy fried chicken is over the roof. Every piece of chicken that they serve is piping hot because of its demand, they have to keep frying new batches.


The total cost of our dinner that night was RM17.50 which was reasonable for 2 plates of nasi lemak, a piece of giant fried chicken thigh, a piece of fried chicken wing and 2 cups of ice lemon tea.


Big Tree Head Mamak

Address: Pesiaran Mergastua, Kepong Baru, 52100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business Hours: Monday to Saturday 4pm – 4am, Sunday 4pm – 12am


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