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Underwater World Langkawi, Malaysia


Located at Pantai Cenang towards the southern part of the island, Underwater World Langkawi is a must visit tourist destination in Langkawi. Besides being Malaysia’s largest aquaria, the Underwater World is also one of the largest marine and fresh water aquaria in South East Asia. With more than 200 different species of marine and freshwater creatures in a six acres building, the Underwater World has lots to offer. Among the species housed are harbour seals, rockhopper penguins, sharks, giant rays and more.

The Underwater World Langkawi is a white-washed building, next to the Zon Duty-Free shopping centre, just along the busy main road of Pantai Cenang. You may experience a little traffic congestion heading there due to the many eateries, spa centres and retails along the one-lane two-way road.


As you walk in after producing your ticket at the entrance, you will be greeted with a medium-sized aquarium with big fish. These creatures are Arapaimas, the largest freshwater fish in the world. These fierce-looking fish have torpedo-shaped faces with large blackish-green scales with hints of red markings. I remember seeing this fish in my friend’s house, but much smaller in length and it feeds on crickets! Imagine my horror when I saw the fish in (eating) action.


The building has 3 sections: Tropical Rainforest, Temperate and Sub-Antarctic.



Before walking into the aquaria section of the building, you’ll have to walk through the tropical rainforest section with many birds, monkeys and iguanas on display.





The smallest monkey in the world – Marmoset – is only 7-12 inches long.


The Sub-Antartic is the most popular section that houses cute little rockhopper and black-footed penguins. Both kinds of penguins are one of the smallest species in the world.


Adult rockhopper penguins are only about 20 inches in height. You’ll probably think why these penguins look so familiar. That’s because you have seen them in the Happy Feet movie. These penguins look so wise with their bright yellow crests/spiky feathers. Apparent young penguins do not have them; these feathers grow with age. I guess older and wiser perhaps?

Fun fact: Rockhopper penguins do not exactly stay in snowy area so they cannot slide on their bellies like most penguins. Due to the rocky environment, they hop to get from one place to another. Hence their name!


Looks like momma is nagging daddy.

Black-footed penguins, more famously known as African penguins, is generally found in southern African waters. These penguins look so cute and friendly, not so bad-ass like rockhoppers penguins.

Fun fact: Each penguin has a black stripe with black spots on their chest. These spots are just like fingerprints with no two patterns being the same.



There is a 15-metre long walk-through underwater tunnel tank which houses an extensive number of fishes and sea creatures such as sharks, giant stingrays and green turtles.











I can’t help thinking that this will make a nice dish. Look at those legs.



The first thing I told my partner when I saw the Stingray was “ooooo ikan bakar” (grilled fish). Grilled stingrays with sambals, with a side of ladies fingers/okra is a common dish at hawker stalls in Malaysia.


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Address: Jalan Pantai Cenang, 07000 Langkawi

More Info: Langkawi Underwater World


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