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Shilin Night Market in Taipei, Taiwan

Jumbo sausages. Nothing really outstanding about the taste except that it is 3 times the size of a usual sausage.



Variety of fresh fruits. Recommended fruits to try would be the custard/sugar apple, persimmon, honey dew and pineapple because they are superbly sweet like honey! Please keep in mind not to overbuy because the stalls sell them by weight and it is not cheap. We overbought NTD1,000 worth of fruits (and spent the next few meals trying to finish them).



And of course, some sexy food – Penis-shaped waffle. Makes me wonder how one can eat without looking suggestive, especially those waffles that are dripping with sauce. Ohh-la-la.



Besides food stalls, Shilin Night Market is also packed with funky little shops and vendors that sells fashion, trinkets and souvenirs.



Arcades are everywhere in Taipei, night markets are not an exception. The soft toy claw machines at the arcades are our newest obsession since we got to Taiwan. Yes, we also won 3 cute plushies after tens of rounds!




Shilin Night Market also offers fun and games like those you find in funfairs. Give it a try and win yourself some plushies.


How to Get to Shilin Night Market:

By MRT: Take the Red Line to Jiantan (劍潭) Station (NOTE: not Shilin Station). Take Exit 1 and cross the street diagonally to the left to enter the night market.


Address: Lane 101, Wenlin Rd, Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan 111

Opening hours: Daily 4:30pm – 12am

More info: Shilin Night Market


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