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Shilin Night Market in Taipei, Taiwan


Shilin Night Market (士林夜市) is the largest and most famous night market in Taiwan. Not only it is popular among the locals, Shilin Night Market is also a must-visit Taipei attraction for oversea travellers during their visit to Taipei. The Night Market showcases Taiwan’s culture through its vivid colours and warm atmosphere, with friendly stalls, delicious food and cheap clothes.

Located conveniently just across the road from Jiantan MRT Station, the massive Night Market covers Dadong Road, Danan Road, Wenlin Road and Jihe Road. The maze of roads, paths and alleyways is filled with varieties of food, merchandise and games that attract locals and foreigners alike. Along the western edge of the market is Shilin Night Market Food Court, an underground food paradise. The whole Night Market is so massive that we didn’t finish exploring everything before our legs gave up on us!


With hundreds of stalls selling all types of food from Taiwanese traditional snacks to local yummies such as Extra Large Fried Chicken Steak (炸雞排), Bubble Tea (珍珠奶茶), Fried Buns (生煎包), Oyster Vermicelli (蚵仔麵線), Oyster Omelette (蚵仔煎),  and of course, the most notorious Taiwanese goodie, Stinky Tofu (臭豆腐).

Although we wish we could try everything, our ability is only limited to our stomach space. Boo-hoo. Here, we introduce some of the different food that we managed to savour. Scroll down for more!


The most notable stalls are those that sells flamed-grilled beef cubes. Cooked to perfection using a large blowtorch, you get to choose your seasoning ranging from garlic, mushroom, black pepper to teriyaki sauces. The most popular seasoning is the rose pink salt.

We couldn’t ignore the flames that seems to attract us like flies to the stall (Pun intended!) No regrets, the meat was perfectly cooked to medium well – tender and sooo juicy.


Fried quill eggs. This stall doesn’t look like they offer anything that “wow” us but surprisingly, the eggs taste delicious. The eggs are fried in a takoyaki stove, making them into ball-like shapes, browning and crisping them on the outside while keeping them soft on the inside. We had 2 sticks each, because it was that addictive. The stall offers a variety of toppings that you can drizzle on your skewer of eggs but we like them the way they are – original.



This is not your usual pork sausage. This bbq chicken sausage is made of real meat chunks, not minced or processed. Once you bite into it, you can see chunks of shredded white meat that is well-marinated and juicy. According to K who loves chicken, each bite takes you to heaven.


This was one of my favourites and it is perfect for Taipei’s very warm autumn. It is ice cream (there are different flavours to choose from), cilantro/coriander and shaved peanut candy, rolled in a popiah/spring roll skin. The cilantro/coriander gave the combination a really refreshing flavour with each bite.



Cheese-grilled/flamed oysters. Not sure why it is called passion fruit cheese oysters. It is either the passion fruit taste is too mild or the generous cheese makes you forget what a passion fruit taste like. Oh so creamy!




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