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Kilim Geoforest Park in Langkawi, Malaysia


Kilim Geoforest Park, which full name is Kilim Karst Geoforest Park, is one of the three main conservation areas in Langkawi that is given a World Geopark status by UNESCO. The other two are The Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest and Machinchang Cambrian Geoforest Park. The UNESCO endorsement was given due to its “significant geoheritage features like landscapes, caves, sea arches and sea stacks, dropstones, fossil and local community involvement”.

Located at the northeast tip of Langkawi, this 100sq km Kilim Geoforest Park comprises of beautiful blue lagoons, mangrove forests and white Langkawi beaches. The best way to explore this protected landscape is via tour or riverboat cruise along Kilim River which is priced between RM200 and RM500. Yes, it is expensive for backpackers and those with budget constraints but by tours are the only way to see these gift from Mother Nature. But it is definitely worth a trip!

Be sure to equip with comfortable clothing, sunscreen and sunglasses because it can get really sunny at Langkawi’s Kilim Geoforest Park.


Stopping at the jetty, you can then walk along a wooden platform through a mangrove swamp while admiring the natural beauty of the overhanging Bogak Tree, iguanas, otters, macaques and tree crabs. You can also spot birdlife of varying species during migration period (September to March), including kingfishers, white-bellied fish eagles and kite eagles.

In Kilim Geoforest Park, there are limestones formations that are more than 500 million years old with uniques names like Temple of Borobodur, the Elephant Stone and the Hanging Gardens. There are also caves such as Crocodile Cave (Gua Buaya), Cave of Legends (Gua Cerita) and Bat Cave (Gua Kelawar) which are filled with fossils as well as gigantic stalagmite and stalactites.

Depending on the tour package that you join, the costlier tours will take you on the extensive exploration of the geoforest. Some tours will include a trip to the floating restaurant and fish farm where you get to feed the fish and handfeed the sting rays!



If you are the adventurous type, you can explore this extensive mangrove park with rented private boats, kayaks and jet-skis which are available with most tour operators in Langkawi.


Photo: Langkawi Trip

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