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Dataran Lang and Shopping in Langkawi, Malaysia


Dataran Lang, or Eagle Square, is where Langkawi’s proudest icon stands majestic. The large 12-metre-tall sculpture of an eagle poised to take flight, is unmissable. Visitors to Langkawi via ferry or boat will be greeted by the sight of this magnificent statue. The eagle represents the island as the name “Langkawi” came from helang (eagle) and kawi (the reddish brown in colour of the eagle).

Located in Kuah Jetty, on southeast corner of Pulau Langkawi, Dataran Lang is the ideal place for photos with fountains, bridges, terraces, small ponds and the eagle structure in the background. Enjoy the gorgeous views of the jetty, the sea and the mountains in the distances as well as passing ferries crossing the bay. However, it is really hot during the day. Best to come early in the morning or in the evening to avoid sunburn. After dusk, the Square and the eagle statue are illuminated with lights.

Also, Kuah Town, being the capital of Langkawi, has many duty-free shops. There are around 20 shopping areas in the town that offer duty-free goods. Within a walking distance from Dataran Lang, there is Jetty Point Mall where you can do your shopping for chocolates, tobacco, alcohol, perfumes, kitchenware and more.


Tips: Even though you can get your duty-free supplies anywhere on the island, we recommend shopping at Teow Soon Huat Mega Department Store, a one-stop department for all your imported tobacco, liquor and confectionery products. Head towards Kuah town, look out for Langkawi Parade Megamall (Teow Soon Huat is the anchor tenant) along the main road. You can’t walk here from Dataran Lang because of the distance. Drive or grab a taxi to get here.


Photo: Langkawi Parade



Photo: Langkawi Parade


Address: A14-15 Pokok Asam, Kuah 07000 Langkawi

Opening Hours: Daily 10am to 10pm



  • Since the new ruling which was effective from 1 November 2016, tourists who wish to carry cigarettes and liquor out of Langkawi are only allowed to purchase them at two approved duty-free shops: one at the Kuah Jetty and the other at Langkawi International Airport.
  • For consumption at the island, each customer can purchase up to three cartons of cigarettes, five litres of liquor and three crates of beer (per month).
  • Both points above do not apply to confectionery products, perfumes, clothes, shoes (yes to Nike and Adidas) and others. You can stock up on your chocolate pile unlimitedly. Just don’t buy them at the jetty or the airport because they are pricier.

I find the above new rulings a little ridiculous. Buying at the jetty and airport will definitely cost more than the other duty free retailers. I remember checking the prices at Jetty Point Shopping Complex at Kuah Jetty and the prices are considerably higher than what you could get in town. That said, no matter how much shopping you plan to take back home, please remember to keep in mind the custom duty regulations of your home country. You may have different restrictions.


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