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Sae Ma Eul BBQ at Kepong

The famous Korean BBQ, Sae Ma Eul in Solaris Hartamas opened a branch in Medan Putra Business Centre, Kepong. Similar to its parent, this branch is always packed with customer till late night. I find the prices in Sae Ma Eul are always more competitive compared to other Korean BBQ restaurants, due to its set menus that comprise a few different meat for a reasonable cost.

We ordered a BBQ Set Meal of Sliced Pork Belly, Pork Shoulder and Octopus (RM59) that can feed 2-3 people. There are 2 more different sets for your selection if this is not your fancy or if you don’t want baby octopus as part of the set. Since there is more than 3 people on my table, we added a plate of Spicy Sliced Pork Belly (RM28).

The settings on the table.


From Left to Right: (1) Sliced Pork Belly and Pork Shoulder [Part of Set Meal RM59]. Koreans like their meat unmarinated to bring out the natural taste of the meat when it is grilled. (2) Spicy marinated Baby Octopus [Part of Set Meal RM59]. (3) We added-on Spicy Sliced Pork Belly (RM23)


Let the grilling begin! You can either do this yourself or request the helpful staff to do it for you.


Can you smell it? Remember to diligently flip and move the meat around the grill because the fats/oil from the pork slices will drip into the stove and cause the fire to flare. You wouldn’t want burnt pork.

The sliced pork belly is juicier than the pork shoulder. As literally translated from Korean, the pork belly are three-layered, with a fat layer in between the lean meat. As you bite into it, you could feel the fats melting in your mouth, while the lean meat provides the extra ‘oomph’. Meanwhile, the pork shoulder are a slab of lean meat. It could be tough and dry if you overcooked the meat. I love the grilled octopus. You can taste the freshness in each bite, albeit it is a little chewy.


The highlight and a unique dish on the menu is the Spicy Rice Balls. The dish comes with a big portion of rice and spicy sauce, topped with a large handful of crispy sliced seaweed. Using the gloves they provided, mix the rice and roll it tightly into balls. Leave them on the grill to get the charred and crusty ball of goodness. If you like the crispy slight-burned rice on the side of your claypot chicken rice, you are going to like this too!

Spicy Rice Balls (RM23)


Gotta put the youngest to work for their food. (Hehe)


Spicy rice balls around the side of the stove, with meat and octopus grilling in the middle


The only thing lacking in Sae Ma Eul is their side dishes. Generally, Korean BBQ restaurants serves more than 3 dishes. Although the side dishes are refillable, I wish they serve at least 5 dishes. Missing the anchovies, eggplants and even the potato dishes.

Side dishes: Kimchi, fermented cucumber and chilli long beans. The pickled cabbage is part of the sauces that each patron is given.

Overall, it was a delicious meal in Sae Ma Eul. The meat were juicy and octopus was a tad chewy but good nonetheless. Ordering the set meals would be a lot cheaper if you have a table of 2 or more, seeing that the price of one dish of meat is already RM25 or more. My only disappointment is the side dishes could have been more than 3.


Address: No. 57 and 59, Jalan Medan Putra 1, Medan Putra Business Centre, 52200 Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: Daily 11:30am to 12:00am

Contact: +6012 372 4989


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