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Two Sons Bistro, Publika

One of our favourite restaurants in Publika is Two Sons Bistro. We first stumbled upon it because our intended restaurant for lunch was packed. From then on, we kept coming back for more because it was that good!

The must-eats on their menu are the clams and the mussels. You will notice that every table has a pot of mussels or clams. Choose from 16 flavours and your clams or mussels will be served with a choice between garlic bread or French fries.

We tried both mussels and clams (at different visits of course!) in our favourite flavour: Lemon garlic butter. Our verdict: we like the clams better because each clam were bite-size and the amount of sauce in every spoon is just the perfect combination of heaven in our mouths. The lemon garlic butter sauce also goes perfectly with the garlic bread. Can’t stop dipping the bread in the pot!


Mussels: Main size (900g for RM55); starter size (450g for RM30)


Clams: Main size (900g for RM43); Starter size (450g for RM25)


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