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Byron Bay, Australia – A Perfect Escape with Beautiful Beaches

The Pass and Fisherman’s Lookout (Top 15 Best Surf Beach in Australia)

Situated between the Fisherman’s Lookout and the headland, The Pass beach has one of the most hazardous swimming conditions. However, due to the angles of the waves running to the shore, it is an internationally recognised surf location. The positioning of the bay creates long, tubing right-handers that are considered world class and puts the Pass into the Top 15 best surf beaches in Australia.

The Fisherman’s Lookout is a large wooden structure with a platform at the top from which you can enjoy the amazing panoramic views. Catch the early morning surfers riding the waves or watch the sunset from the platform.


Watego’s Beach

Watego’s Beach is our bias because it is our favourite beach in Byron Bay. Crystal clear water, soft sand and gentler rolling waves compared to other beaches, what is not to love about this serene beach.

Watego’s Beach is a short, sheltered beach and a great picnic spot, with tables and free electric barbeques provided at the grassy area behind the beach.

Due to a long sandbar and reef, the waves at Watego’s Beach break progressively. This creates conditions ideal for longboards, Malibus and learning surfers.

Dolphins sightings are common at Watego’s Beach.


Little Watego’s Beach

Sitting at the end of the cape, Little Watego’s Beach is only 150m in length but it is well-protected, which makes it great for swimming and sun bathing. It is also an ideal rock fishing location.

The beach is inaccessible by car. It can be accessed by either walking over the path from Wategos or heading down from the lighthouse precinct.


Cosy Corner

Tucked under the south side of Cape Byron is Cosy Corner, which can be seen from the lighthouse. This beach is another popular surf destination. Be careful swimming here though, as there are rips and currents that will sweep even the best swimmers to sea.

The beach has been protected by Arakwal National Park since 2001 and is accessible down Tallow Beach Road, where you’ll have to pay National Parks $6 to park your car.


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