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Byron Bay, Australia – A Perfect Escape with Beautiful Beaches

The Wreck Beach

On the eastern end of Belongil Beach is The Wreck Beach. Emerging from the sea is the wreck of the Wollongbar, which was sank by a cyclone many years ago, creating a perfect place to snorkel. However, do be cautious as the waves can be too rough to snorkel at different time of the year.


Main Beach

Main Beach is the most popular beach in Byron Bay and is located directly in front of the town. Being a more family-friendly beach, there is a large grassy park with play equipment, picnic tables and barbeque pits occupies the beachfront.

As most of the waves that reach the shore will refract around Cape Byron, the wave height has been limited, providing a safer swimming conditions. The beach is also patrolled to provide a safe swimming environment year around.

Additionally, you can take on a private surf lesson or kayak with dolphins at Main Beach.

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Because of the calmer waters, Main Beach is also great for snorkelling and diving adventures. About 3km from the shore, around the area of Julian Rocks has many caves and corals that attract varieties of fish.


Clarkes Beach

Situated between Main Beach and The Pass, Clarkes Beach is a protected area with almost-perfect swimming conditions all year round, with small waves that are ideal for private surf lessons. The bay at Clarkes Beach is ideal for windsurfing, body-boarding, paragliding, kite-surfing and long boarding.

In June to August, keep a look out for humpback whales as they are known to frolic in the waters of the bay with their calves, on their way to Antarctica.

Clarkes Beach has beachfront parking, amenities and caravan parking.

Photo: Official Australia tourism


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