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San Ching San Hokkien Mee 新青山福建面茶餐室 at Kepong

When someone mention hokkien mee in Klang Valley, people automatically think of the place in Uptown or those in the city centre. One will expect Kepong to have a few good ones especially since it is a Chinese-populated area. Fortunately for us, we found one of the best in Kepong – San Ching San Hokkien Mee 新青山福建面茶餐室 – that is worth mentioning.

We stumbled upon this place on a Friday night when we were looking for supper at 11pm. I know how you guys are going to judge us with all the fatty calories at this hour but when the stomach grumbles, the mouth itches!

Located near Kepong’s AEON Big and right in front of the water tank, San Ching San will be buzzing with customers looking for dinner or late night snack. Not so certain about their opening hours during the day, but we are certain that it caters to the crowd from evening to past midnight.


Our orders for the night for 3 pax. Clockwise from top: Fried Sambal Lala, Hokkien Mee and Fried Nam Yu Crispy Pork.


The highlight for the night: Hokkien Mee (RM8 per pax). We ordered two pax to feed 3 mouths and we can conclude that it wasn’t enough. It was so good that we wanted more. We can definitely taste the wok hei (literally breath of the wok or intensity of fire from the wok) to the noodles. The noodles were well-seasoned to the right notch of saltiness and sweetness from dark soya sauce.


Although this restaurant’s specialty is its hokkien mee, one cannot survive just serving fried noodles without side dishes. The restaurant does not have an extensive selection of side dishes on their menu. Nevertheless, the few that we tried are tasty and go well with the fried noodles.

Fried Sambal Lala (fried spicy clams) comes in 3 sizes (small, medium and large). We ordered medium (RM22.60 if I am not wrong). The lala were fresh, albeit a little small. However, the sambal made up for the lack of size. The sambal was indeed delicious and appetizing. Not overly spicy but enough kick to keep you eating. We cleaned the plate spotless to the last drop of sambal. That was how good it was. Highly recommended if you like spicy food.


Similar to the Fried Sambal Lala, the Fried Nam Yu Crispy Pork also comes in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. We got the small (RM16) this time and the portion was larger than we expected. Who would’ve thought that the portion would be this generous since the prices of pork went up. How do I know this? My mom has been complaining about it and told us we have to cut down on pork intake.

The Fried Nam Yu Crispy Pork is similar to pork chop, marinated in salt and pepper, coated in flour and fried to perfection, before slicing and serving to tables. The meat is tender and not tough as there is a layer of fat in each slice. It is a good complement to the Hokkien Mee.


Overall, it was a very fulfilling supper. We will definitely be back for the delicious Hokkien Mee and probably try different side dishes such as the Nam Yu Fried Chicken Wings and Fried Dumplings.


San Ching San Hokkien Mee 新青山福建面茶餐室

29, Jalan Metro Perdana Timur 3

Taman Usahawan Kepong

52200 Kuala Lumpur


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